How to get what you want

Datum :
Zeit: 11:00 - 17:00
Ort: Worklab 2
max. Teilnehmer_innen: 10
Zielgruppe :
  • Anfänger_in

Workshop Description:

In this workshop, we will construct textile sensors and circuitry from conductive fabrics and thread, with ordinary textile materials such as poppers, fabrics and yarns. Instead of soldering and wiring, we will saw, iron and knit these sensors and circuits.

Participants will be introduced to basic electronics and range of fabric sensor examples such as push, bend, tilt and stroke sensors. After understanding how it works, we will try to implement our own fabric sensor designs and connect to a simple LED fabric circuit on a T-shirt. The placement of sensors and circuitry will be designed considering interaction scenarios as well as aesthetic choice. The materials used are cheap and off the shelf, so that the practice introduced in the workshop can be continued at home.

Participants are asked to bring their own used T-shirt to the workshop.

the *material-costs* are 20 Euros per person

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