2014 - AMRO Worklabs, Participate!

Art Meets Radical Openness
Festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism and Open Culture
Autonomy (im)possible!
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1 & 2 (3) Worklab parts/days

Wed 28.05
LEAVEAMESSAGE box is participative project that attempts to initiate a network of voice mailboxes that allow members of the public to record and distribute audio messages in public space.
Get to know more about while helping install one box in front of the Stadtwerkstatt!
Worklab with Yoana Buzova
Keywords: Open Systems, alternative communication, MAKE

Bibliotecha Lab 1 & 2
Wed 28.05, Thu 29.05
Bibliotecha is a framework to facilitate the local distribution of digital publications within a small community. It relies on a microcomputer running open-source software to serve books over a local wifi hotspot. Using the browser to connect to the library one can retrieve or donate texts. Bibliotecha proposes an alternative model of distribution of digital texts that allows specific communities to form and share their own collections.
Worklab with André Castro, Roelof Roscam Abbing
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/bibliotecha-lab

Revisiting The Spam Folder: Using 419-fiction For Interactive Storytelling.  A Practical Introduction. 1 & 2
Thu 29.05 (3h), 30.05 (1,5h)
This workshop will be offering the participants both a theoretical and practical introduction to interactive narratives in '419-fictional environments' created by internet scammers.
We seek to understand different sides of online fraud and through creative storytelling reflect on issues like online privacy, virtual representation and trust within networks.
Worklab with Andreas Zingerle, Linda Kronman
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/revisiting-spam-folder

Psychogeo-Amplifier Worklab 1 & 2
Thu 29.05

A short introduction (20 min) to participants will briefly cover the theory of the effects on psyche by weak geo-electromagnetic fields from which the project has developed, including demonstrating an entirely synthetic electronic variant of the amplifier/helmet  This will ground participants in both the practical and playful nature of the project. Hands on at afo. Worklab with Jonathan Kemp
Fri 30.05 Meeting Point afo
Field trip to St. Margarethen  to hook up the machine to the geology;
Keywords: Wired Stuff, Strange things, Fun
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/psychogeo-amplifier-workl…

Unpleasant Design Research Lab & Tour 1 & 2
Thu 29.05, Fri 30.05

In recent years cities have become victim of a growing surveillance and control trend, manifested in a variety of unpleasant installations in public space. Its maintenance is increasingly outsourced to uncomfortable urban furniture and smart surveillance systems that serve as "silent agents" of social control and order enforcement.
Keywords: Introduction, Hands on, Linz City Tour, Mapping
Worklab with Selena Savić
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/unpleasant-design-researc…

Thu 29.05.

A PirateBox, designed in 2011 by David Darts, is a portable electronic device, often consisting of a router and a device for storing information, creating a wireless network that allows users who are connected to share files anonymously and locally. By definition, this device is disconnected from the Internet. Experimental Picnic
A workla with Adnan Hadzi, James Stevens, Larisa Blazic, Rob Canning
Keywords: Picnic, Hacklab, Intervention
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/vpn-picnic-hivenetworks-p…

Unitary Networking 1& 2 & 3

Thu 29.05., Fri 30.05., Sat 31.05.
Unitary Networking is a speculative approach to communications infrastructure, trying to establish a link between urban technology and communication technology and reflecting on the way they form networks of power. The first day will explain the technologies involved and the various elements that we could play with. The participants will be able to make their own nodes for the network and we will  think about how these nodes could fit in the public space. On the second day we would like to go outside to set up the network in the streets and/or the public transport of Linz.
Worklab with Martino Morandi, Andre Castro, Roel Roscam Abbing
Keywords: Hacklab, Intervention
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/unitary-networking

Worklab Exposing the Invisible
Fri 30.05 (2h)

This workshop deals with the question of how to develop methods of intervention based on theoretical concepts and how interventionist practice can bring new insights helping to further develop theory. The artivist renfah will give us a brief overview of theoretical concepts applicable to the topic of power distribution and hegemony. Based on participants contributions we will discuss various methods and approaches and cooperatively elaborate approaches of „exposing the invisibvle“. The aim oft he workshop is to develop models of visualizing networks of power and their representations.
Keywords: Theorie into practice
Worklab with Margaritha Köhl, Markus Hafner
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/worklab-exposing-invisible

DATA UNION discussion group
Fri 30.05. (2h)

Data Union is a project by The Analogue Group. It aims to create a viral union of data refugees, whose only possession is their data, as an experiment in everyday life, that is, as a laboratory of innovation for the autonomous use of data in local contexts globally networked.
If time allows, we propose to test the Open Mustard Seed (OMS) Framework
Keywords: Discussion about future challenges
Worklab with Adnan Hadzi , James Stevens, Larisa Blazic
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/data-union

Endlich sicher im Netz! Workshop mit Anne Roth!
Fri 30.05, Sat 31.05 ( 2 x 2h) @ MAIZ!
Girlz only

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an Einste*igerinnen. Es sind KEINE Vorkenntnisse erforderlich!
Wir werden am Computer arbeiten. Nehmt bitte Eure Arbeitsgeräte mit! Für wen diese Geräte zu schwer sind (kein tragbarer Computer), oder wer über keines verfügt, kann am maiz-Trainings-Rechner arbeiten.
Worklab with Anne Roth, Supported by Anna M Liebmann (MAIZ)
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/endlich-sicher-im-netz-wo…

Open VHS Research Lab
Fri 30.05., Sat 31.05

The Open VHS Workshop aims to use physical tape editing as a remedy to recursive, estranged appropriation. It is both a hardware hacking workshop and an exercise in conceptual thinking about 'true' radical electronic openness.
Keywords: Copright, Copyfight, Hacking, Glitch, Fun
Worklab with Niek Hilkmann
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/open-vhs-research-lab-0

Paper-Duino-Pi and urban measurement
Fri 30.05, Sat 31.05

The Paper-Duino-Pi is an Arduino shield for the Raspberry Pi. Due to the fact that it is designed as Paper-PCB it is easy to create and one doesn't need a printed circuit board. All components are standard electronic parts that are easily available at your favorite electronic shop. Plus they are really cheap. All you need to build one is some basic electronic knowledge and soldering skills.
Worklab with Wolfgang Spahn
Keywords: MAKE, Open Hardware, Software, Solder Fun
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/paper-duino-pi-lab

Guerrilla Interaction Lab (1,2)
Fri 30.05. Sat 31.05

During the lab a suitcase with phones loaded with Protocoder framework http://protocoder.org will be provided for fast prototype creation. As said any type of technology is allowed, Protocoder will be just a bootstrap. The lab is welcome to have any kind of expertise, knowledge and contributions. No specific skills are required, just motivation to create interesting, unexpected and impossible interactions.
Worklab with Victor Diaz
Keywords: Open Source Software, Communication, Intervention, Public Space
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/guerrilla-interaction-lab…

woodland survival workshop
Sat 31.05

Survival techniques will be practised, researched and exchanged to enable the extension of human survival, whether on a day-trip picnic or suffering a life threatening drama death crisis.
Register: http://www.radical-openness.org/programm/2014/woodland-survival-workshop
Keywords: survival, „fun“ depending on your humor, no handy, no internet, bringing back food for dinner
Outdoor with Heath Bunting & waiwai