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AMRO cooperation partners is a non-profit net culture initiative based in Linz. As main focus, deals with the demystification of technology through cultural as well as technical processes. It produces artistic research projects on the phenomena of digital and networked cultures, and organizes the biennial festival "Art Meets Radical Openness" in cooperation with the University of Arts Linz.
The association also operates an independent cultural data center with open source basic services for its members, which include art and culture producers, alternative educational institutions, free media, university institutions and NGOs.

Department of Time-based Media, University of Arts Linz

The Department of Time-based Media employs interdisciplinary methodologies to address different ways of working with time-based media, i.e. video (in theory and practice), film (theory) and sound, media installations and productions, interactive systems, designing with digital media and innovative programming.

afo architekturforum oberösterreich

afo architekturforum oberösterreich is a non-profit association founded in 1994 and based in Linz.
It is intended to operate as a comprehensive platform for architecture and urban development in Upper Austria. In an engagement with the manifold claims and interests of politics, business, and culture, it acts as an independent advocate for higher architectural quality in cities and regions.


Stadtwerkstatt (STWST) is a cultural center in Linz, founded as an artists' collective in 1979. As an early adopter in the context of new media, it has a history of significant projects since the 80s. Today, Stadtwerkstatt is the residency for three initiatives that have grown out of this period. All of them are taking important roles in the production of artists and citizen generated content. Each initiative has developed its own "hands on" approach over the past years.