Occupy WiFi

Occupy WiFi is a public performance piece, wireless art installation and hacktivism tool for the post-Snowden era all at once. It takes advantage of the most basic human need: the constant hunger for open WiFi networks in public space.

In this project we use mobile routers to create temporary, autonomous, off-grid networks, a pseudo-darknet, a sphere of free anonymous speech in places activists can't have their voices heard in, like: Israeli Ministry of Interior or a municipal museum. This is a virtual, site-specific, protest in an actual place.
http://occupywifi.org/beithair.html (in Hebrew)

The Occupy WiFi project, developed by the Israeli Pirate Party, is a call for action: turn yourselves into Web servers and propaganda distributors. This enables activists, protesters and other freedom of speech advocates to virtually demonstrate in public institutions, cafes or banks, without having to get a protest license, while grabbing the crowd’s attention.

In this workshop we will discuss WiFi art and politics, and teach the participants how to hack a router in order to turn it into a web server and propaganda distributor. Then, depends on the nataure of the workshop, we can go out to the streets and perform an OccupyWifi mission designed by the participants.

Target group
Options for Participants

Routers or mobile routers