Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are short presentations by AMRO20 participants


3D Modeling with open source tools and the usage of open source 3D Engines in my art, Malte Steiner

In this talk Malte describes software tools and strategies he used in the process of "open-sourcing" his work "The Price of Berlin". The artwork is embedded in AMRO20 Exhibition.


Living text: two collective approaches, Rita Graça, Simon Browne, Marloes de Valk

Readers and writers of Codes of Conduct and the bootleg library. Simon Browne will introduce his project *bootleg library*, a particular, situated social infrastructure that operates from the understanding that the library is a collection of texts and readers. Rita Graça will guide us into the possibilities of Codes of Conduct, user guidelines, and other informal documents to manage online hate.


Sorry about that, Antonio Roberts

With galleries and venues closed, more artists, musicians, DJ's and other performers have started to explore live streaming as a way to continue to perform to an audience. In this area the issue of copyright enforcement and infringement still exists and is potentially worsened, with performances being disrupted or stopped due to copyright claims. In this talk I will ask how compatible live streaming is with copyright, especially when it is enforced by bots and algorithms.



QUEERingNETWORKing - webs against normal, Z. Blace

In the time when discussing the 'new normal' in media is a dominant trend of 'developed' world, while suppressed and critical voices are questioning who's normal it was...web practices that address normalcy and How?Who? they fail should help research, imagine and prototype what could be alternatives, or even appropriations that foreground care and needs for those who are always far from norms. WikiWiki%Lohi?


Lightning Talks