Why Openness Matters

Deptford.TV is a research project on collaborative film - initiated in collaboration with the Deckspace media lab, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, OWN project, Liquid Culture initiative, and Goldsmiths College. It is an online media database documenting the urban change of Deptford, in Sout East London. Deptford TV functions as an open, collaborative platform that allows artists, filmmakers and people living and working around Deptford, and beyond Deptford, to store, share, re-edit and redistribute the materials. The open and collaborative aspect of the project is of particular importance as it manifests in two ways: a) audiences can become producers by submitting their own footage, b) audiences interact with each other through the database. Deptford TV makes us of licenses such as the creative commons sa-by and gnu general public license to allow and enhance this politics of sharing. Lisa Haskel Programming instructor Lisa Haskel focuses on the importance (or otherwise) of programming knowledge for media artists, and strategies for developing these skills. Lisa has worked with media artists for over 20 years, originally as an organiser/administrator, and more recently supplying technical support and teaching the technical fundamentals of creative work on the Web including networking, programming and server administration. * Drupal Developer at Cameron & Wilding * Trainer at Ubiq Creative Training * Drupal Developer at Node London * Drupal/PHP Developer at IPC Media * Lead Drupal Developer at Deptford TV James Stevens ... lives and works in London, and is actively engaged in a range of collaborative projects at SPC utilising WiFi, AV and print mechanisms to further the development of cross cultural, counter commercial initiatives for self provision and evolution of social environments. SPC is orchestrated from a rooftop media lab in Greenwich, London, called DECKSPACE. He is a co-founder of, the UK's largest free network advocacy and has championed the use of microwave radio data networks since 2000. He is currently involved in a UK touring exhibition 'Art for Networks' at which OWN, the latest frame of these collaborative interests is demonstrated; in 'open wireless networks', interaction of use drives editorial and conceptual material to Print On Demand. Larisa Blazic ... studied architecture at Belgrade University and received MA Hypermedia degree at the University of Westminster, London. In the 90s, she became increasingly involved in an interdisciplinary approach towards art and architecture, successfully combining architectural design with video and sound. She collaborates on art projects exhibited worldwide, and currently teaches at the University of Westminster where she is developing a series of interactive installations. Current work is focused on interactive site-specific installation exploring audience participation, real-time audio distribution and networked video installation. Her work explores location as main carrier of meaning, aesthetics of everyday urban experience, creative use of surveillance technologies, real-time video stream and moving image in the context of temporary public art interventions and its communication to wider audience. Adnan Hadzi ... is undertaking a practice-based PhD, 'the author vs. the collective', that focuses on the influence of digitalisation and the new forms of (documentary-) film production, as well as the author's rights in relation to collective authorship. This interdisciplinary research combines sources and expertise from the fields of media and communication, computer studies and architecture. The practical outcome is Deptford.TV an online database drawing on the current regeneration process in Deptford, South/East London. Deptford.TV serves as a platform for artists and filmmakers to store and share the documentation of the urban change of S/E London.…

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2011 C/Overt operations with CCTV sniffing AMRO Showcase
2011 Collaborative open source video editing Workshop
2011 Deptford.TV /Presentation Presentation
2011 C/Overt operations with CCTV sniffing AMRO Showcase