L2Ork -- Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra

Date :
Time: 21:00 - 22:30
Location: Servus.at

As an emerging contemporary intermedia ensemble, L2Ork thrives upon the quintessential form of collaboration found in the western classical orchestra and its cross-pollination with increasingly accessible human-computer interaction technologies for the purpose of exploring expressive power of gesture, communal interaction, discipline-agnostic environment, and the multidimensionality of arts.

L2Ork, founded by Dr. Ivica Ico Bukvic in May 2009, is part of the latest interdisciplinary initiative by the Virginia Tech Music Department’s Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio (DISIS). As the world’s first Linux-based laptop orchestra L2Ork offers optimal infrastructure for creative research at minimal cost. By providing a seamless integration of arts and sciences it is in part designed to bridge the gap between STEM and the Arts, with particular focus on K-12 education.



John Elder
Hillary Guilliams
Bennett Layman
David Mudre
Steven Querry
Philip Seward
Andrew Street
Elizabeth Ullrich
Adam Wirdzek
Ivica Ico Bukvic, Director

Ron Coulter, percussion
Aurora Martin, soprano

Title: Serene (2011)

Composer: Ivica Ico Bukvic (1976-)
Performer(s): L2Ork ensemble
Title: Half-Life (2009,2011)

Composer: Ivica Ico Bukvic (1976-)
Performer(s): Solo Narrator (Aurora Martin) and L2Ork ensemble
Title: What's He Building (2010)

Composer: Tom Waits, arranged by Ivica Ico Bukvic (1976-) in Collaboration with Ron Coulter
Performer(s): Solo Narrator (Ron Coulter) and L2Ork ensemble
Title: Rain (2011)

Composer: Ivica Ico Bukvic (1976-)
Performers: L2Ork ensemble
Title: 13 (2010)

Composer: Ivica Ico Bukvic (1976-)
Performers: Solo Percussion (Ron Coulter) and L2Ork ensemble
Title: Citadel (2009)

Composer: Ivica Ico Bukvic (1976-)
Performers: Solo Soprano (Aurora Martin) and L2Ork ensemble