L2Ork - Workshop

Date :
Time: 11:00 - 14:00
Location: Saal1
max. participants: 12
Level :
  • Intermediate
  • Profi

Participants will learn about:

* administrative and logistical prerequisites for starting a Linux-based laptop orchestra
* design considerations in designing and building adequate infrastructure (speakers, soundcard, system configuration and optimization, networking)
* streamlining Linux platform
* discovering opportunities of using L2Ork iteration of the ubiquitous Pure-Data software for GUI-based networked performances
* ensuing creative opportunities of a networked laptop orchestra
* design strategies and standards developed for writing pieces for the L2Ork ensemble
* logistical considerations in building GUIs for a diverse group of performers with widely varying amount of musical training and experience
* physical presence in computer music performance
* wiimote strategies for an ensemble-oriented performance
* strategies for incorporating soloists into the L2Ork ensemble

Participants will be given access to:

* all L2Ork's resources, including pd-l2ork and supporting documentation/abstractions designed specifically for the orchestra and its input devices
* access to software repository containing optimized Linux kernel and supporting software as well as turnkey Linux setup containing an entire hard-drive image of the L2Ork Linux system
* detailed list of parts necessary to build L2Ork-compatible ~$250 hemispherical speakers and a ~$750/seat turnkey setup including a laptop, external soundcard, wiimote & nunchuk, headset, cables and accessories, and a custom hemispherical speaker.

All participants will be also given an opportunity to interact with L2Ork members (performers and researchers alike) as well as submit their own works for programming consideration by the L2Ork ensemble.