Liwoli, do you copy? (2 Days Workshop)

Date :
Time: 11:00 - 15:00
Location: Saal2
max. participants: 12
Level :
  • Beginners

Workshop involves:
-opening the guts (taking stuff apart)
-fishing for coils and interesting components (dissecting)
-building inductor microphone
-building pre-amplifier/amplifier circuit
-making a wearable receiver (soldering, gluing, knotting, sewing)

Example of a coil:

We supply the necessary tools and equipment in addition to offering extra components useful to making the wearable receivers. Participants will be given a crash course in soldering and de-soldering and will learn by doing.

Roger 10-4Roger 10-4

Things to bring:
-an appliance to dismantle
-[optional] a piece of clothing to modify
Participants are asked to bring old clothes and an old radio or another
- electrical appliance that has a coil in it. (i.e. old TV)

Cost of material per participant: