Notstandskomitee audiovisual concert

Date :
Time: 24:00 - :

Notstandskomitee began as industrial side project to Das Kombinat in 1991, developing a own style of postindustrial electronic minimal music working with all kinds of electronics, from analogue via digital to softwarebased systems. Malte Steiner started with electronic music in 1983 and had projects like Nebelhorn and Moderne Fabrikanten before. Regular audiovisual performances. Member in Projects Elektronengehirn, Das Kombinat, Akustikkoppler and Konform. Working as media artist, sound designer and software developer. Created the Linux software synth Minicomputer and is involved in the Alsa Modular Synthesizer project.

Software &/or Hardware:
CSound for soundengine
Pure Data / GEM for visuals
Operating System: