the possible and impossible machine /workshop

Date :
Time: 12:00 - 17:00
Location: Saal2
max. participants: 12
Level :
  • Beginners

The workshop will be oriented in producing some new peripheral modules for the installation the possible and impossible, implementing both the physical structure, the code and the linguistic behaviour

The workshop will be structured in the following way:
1- Introduction to the machine: overview of the concept, the code, the electronic and the physical structure.
(+ o – 15 minutes)

2- peripheral modules construction:
Each one of the participants should construct its own peripheral modules.
This part will include:
a- basic electronic and Arduino: introduction to the use of arduino with external components (20 minutes + or -)
b- building the circuit: each participant will build and solder its own simple circuit (led, button) (20 minutes)
c- design and construction of the boxes of the peripheral modules: each participant designs and builds the box for his peripheral module. To build the boxes they will use recycled material based on their esthetical preference. (1 hour and half)
3- putting thing together:
- built the complete circuit and mount it on the arduino (APROX 30 MINUTOS)

4- join arduino and processing
- introduction to the arduino library for processing (APROX 15 MINUTOS)
- changing the code to add new modules(APROX 30 MINUTOS)

5- constructing together the linguistic behaviour of the machine
- brainstorming and collective writing of the condition of the machine's statements (1h)

6- make everything works!

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