Treatise by Cornelius Cardew

Date :
Time: 23:00 - 23:20

The Laptop Ensemble is a project arriving after the first Computer Music Seminar organized by Labor Linz in 2010. The students, with energy and skills enough decided to give a form to their interests under the umbrella of a group of Laptop Performers.

The presentation in Liwoli could suppose the premier of the group, that is presenting a pure live electronic version of Treatise by Cornelius Cardew, the called "Cathedral of Visual Scores". This work, with a total visual score, has not any instruction about how to play it, or says anything about the instruments that can perform it.

The Laptop Ensemble has decided to arrange a version of some pages of the score (full is more than 300 pages) taking into account the special features of the author, inspired in WittgensteinĀ“s Treatise.