Date :
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Location: Public Space (in the City)
max. participants: 10
Level :
  • Beginners

Meeting Point outside @ the container.

Love Locks are a custom by which padlocks are affixed to a bridge or similar public fixture by couples to symbolize their everlasting love. The couples then throw the keys into the river together. There are Love Locks in Linz, too, on the bridges crossing the river Donau. By lockpicking the Locks of Love, we question the idea of love or relationships being bolted and barred, closed like a prison or cage, which can only be opened by breaking it. The picked locks will be re-arranged into one long chain as a reference to the so-called Padlock Challenge, a discipline in Locksport.

To bring: If you have your own Lockpick Set - bring it with you!

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