Small electronics noise gadgets workshop in Linz - Make a Theremidi Orchestra

Date :
Time: 12:30 - 17:00
Location: Container
max. participants: 12
Level :
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Profi

The Theremidi Orchestra will perform a workshop on a couple of small electronics noise gadgets for the use in mobile public action on the streets of Linz following the workshop.

Tutors: Borut Savski (Trivia & Theremidi Orchestra), Luka Frelih ( Ljudmila
& Theremidi Orchestra) and Theremidi Orchestra.

DIY theremin gadgets:
- TouchTone is a small synthesizer gadget to be played directly with
fingers on the electronics board. The boards design and functionality was adapted a bit by the crew.

- MicroNoise is another synthesizer gadget with photosensitive controls
(light sensor) developed by Christoph Stähli and Marc Dusseiller - SGMK For this occasion it has been adapted a little bit by the

- An optional possibility for quick builders will be Theremini - a small theremin (hand
proximity "instrument").
There are basically no limits to age for participants, since the immediate help will be available at all times. The workshop will be conducted in a free manner and all interactions should be part of the process.

Throughout the workshop some contextual historic and technological information will be given in a non-linear fashion. The concepts of amplification and feedback loop will be mentioned and connected to their social implications.
The participants will be invited to take part in a public event which will take place after the workshop on the streets of Linz with the help of some battery driven amplifier/ loudspeaker systems.

Participants should bring: small speaker set, headphones

Material Costs: info missing

Options for Participants: 

15 Euros material costs.
Please type "yes" for accepting this term while registering for the workshop!

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