Open Source Estrogen: Biotechnical Civil Disobedience

Date :
Time: 13:00 - 13:45
Location: afo - 1st floor | conference hall

What is the feasibility of citizen science-based approach to synthesizing hormones? How can the recontextualization of laboratory biochemistry to an open source recipe outline the esoteric procedures and knowledge that are required to carry out such a process? Can we look to bio-technoscientific capabilities for eradicating gender binaries in human society? What does this say to the current reproductive havoc on aquatic species as a result of endocrine disrupting compounds in industrialized coastal zones? Can we harness the potential to emancipate not only female, trans, and queer bodies from pharmaco capitalism and institutionalized hormones but also the bodies of non-human species, extending feminist health care across species of our shared environment?

Our presentation will explore the complexities of the intersection of body sovereignty, ecology, politics and biotechnology through a historical and contemporary look at the role of estrogen in culture.