Open Source Estrogen: Xeno-Interactions

Date :
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Location: afo - basement
Level :
  • Intermediate

Estrogen is the most ancient of sex hormones. Therefore the mutagenic effects of environmental estrogens disrupt species across all animal taxa. In response to the ongoing molecular colonization of xeno-estrogens on human and non-human species, the project aims to demonstrate how our collective mutagenesis necessitates civil action. The workshop will show participants how xeno-estrogens can be detected in local water sources through using recombinant yeast estrogen screen (YES) containing human estrogen receptor (HER). After estrogen has been detected we will outline the construction of a DIY reverse osmosis filtration system and how it can be used to extract estrogen from the water.

Options for Participants: 

A water sample from a local water source.