Date: 25.05 – 28.05.2016

Contributors (to be completed):

!Mediengruppe Bitnik (read - the not mediengruppe bitnik) live and work in Zurich/London. Using Hacking as an artistic strategy, their works re-contextualise the familiar to allow for new readings of established structures and mechanisms.

They have been known to intervene into Londons surveillance space by hijacking CCTV cameras and replacing the video images with an invitation to play chess. In early 2013 !Mediengruppe Bitnik sent a parcel to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at the...

Adnan Hadzi undertook his practice-based PhD on 'FLOSSTV - Free, Libre, Open Source Software (FLOSS) within participatory "TV hacking" Media and Arts Practices' at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Adnan's research focuses on the influence of digitalisation and the new forms of (documentary-) film production, as well as the author's rights in relation to collective authorship.

For the Post Media Lab felloship James Stevens and Adnan Hadzi critically...

Aleš Hieng – Zergon (1984) is a chemical engineer and a musical performery. His improvised live performances are characterized by analog-produced and modulated sounds and noises combined with field recordings, as well the use of personally created electronic sound devices.

Alessio Chierico is an artist with theoretical background in contemporary art, design theory and media studies. He graduated at Interface Culture department of Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria), was visiting student at IAMAS (Japan). Chierico was previously studying at Academy of Fine Art of Carrara (Italy), NABA of Milan (Italy) and at Academy of Fine Art of Urbino (Italy).

As artists André Hostalácio works in the fields of music production, generative art and performance. He is involved in several projects and art-collectives like: ”Azucrina Collective ” (www.azucrina.org), “LA54″(http://www.landsberger54.org/), “TonKind (http://www.tonkind.com)” and...

André Castro (1983, PT) is a sound artist from Lisbon, currently living in Rotterdam. He studied under the Media Design and Communication MA (Piet Zwart Institute), and the Sonic Arts BA (Middlesex University). His practice involves DIY and exploratory strategies to appropriate found media objects, such as audio-tracks from a colossal online archive, the whispers and silences of radiophonic discourse, or the stories told over spam emails.

Mitarbeiter im Bereich Medientechnik und Vermittlung am Institut für Medien
Systementwicklung und Administration Digital Media for Artists

Andreas Krennmair arbeitet als Softwareentwickler bei Borland im Bereich Loadtesting. In seiner Freizeit beschäftigt er sich mit Security-bezogenen Themen, arbeitet an verschiedenen OpenSource-Projekten, und experimentiert gelegentlich mit Analogfotografie.

Andreas Trawöger, born 1974, living in Vienna is in the constant search on how to use things for purposes they weren’t originally indented too. In recent years he has tried to bring democratic decision models to Vienna’s netculture scene, put laptops into primary schools and ended up flying kites and making panoramic photos while doing so.

Andreas Zingerle is a media artist from Innsbruck, Austria. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Art and Design, Linz (Austria) where he also works as an assistant at the TIME Department. He is researching scambaiting strategies and implements their mechanics in interactive narratives and media competence trainings. In the last years he worked on several installations exploring a creative misuse of technology and alternative ways of Human Computer Interaction. Since 2004 he takes part...

Aneta Stojnić (PhD) is a Belgradeborn theoretician, artist and researcher. Currently, she is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications (FMK, Singidunum University, Belgrade). In 2015. she was a postdoc researcher at the Academy of fine arts in Vienna, IBK, PCAP and in 2013-14 she was a postdoctoral research-fellow at Ghent University, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy Research centre S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts & Media). Aneta was Artist in residence in...

Anne Laforet is a researcher, teacher, artist and critic. She has a PhD in information science on the preservation of net art. Her research fields include digital art preservation and documentation, anarchronism, articulations between digital and analog, internet, free software and collaborative artistic practices. Some of her last projects include curating the Anarchronism show in Brussels (iMAL, 2015) and Bourogne (Espace multimédia Gantner, 2016) and making IRC bots with Gijs de Heij, An...

Anne holds a degree in political science from the Free University of Berlin. She cofounded one of the first interactive media activist websites, Indymedia, in Germany in 2001 and has been involved with media activism and various forms of activist online media ever since. She has worked as a web editor and translator in the past. Since 2007 she has written a blog that covers privacy, surveillance, media, net politics and feminist issues.

Nach unbeschwerter Kindheit in Rauris im Pinzgau, dem Besuch der HTL für EDV in Villach und dem Zivildienst beim Roten Kreuz ging es in die Hauptstadt. Drei Jahre lang wurden die Semmeln als Softwareentwickler bei CSC Austria verdient. Danach das Studium der Elektronischen Informationsdienste am Technikum Wien absolviert. Nach dem Diplom folgte der Weg in die Selbständigkeit. Als Freelancer wurdein Wien unter anderem für System One und Knallgrau gearbeitet. Es wurde die Online Event...

Arjan Scherpenisse is a part-time student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, graduating coming July with an installation consisting of 72 centrally-controlled VGA monitors, using self-built electronics. While his current passion lies in combining the virtual with the physical using electronics, his background is in software engineering and Open Source software. Currently he is employed by Mediamatic Lab, Amsterdam [1].

Together with Eelco Wagenaar [2] he has been part of Transmediale'09...

Autor, Künstler und Kurator. Arbeitet im Bereich Medienkunst
und Netzkultur.
Untersucht Beziehungen zwischen Kunst und Freier Software an den Digital Studios der Goldsmiths University of London. Gründungsredakteur des Online-Magazins Telepolis; Autor der Bücher „Netzpiraten“ und „Freie Netze“.

Arturo Castro studied computer engineering and has been working for some time now in different creative projects. Currently he colaborates with Zachary Lieberman and Theodore Watson in the tool for creative programing openFrameworks

Audrey Samson (CA) is an artist-researcher currently completing a PhD at the School of Creative Media in Hong Kong. Her performative installations explore how memory and technical objects are iteratively reconfigured and entangled in the context of networked data archiving. Her artistic approach, informed by the cultural context of technology, is ethnographical and rooted in software studies. Samson's work has been presented at festivals and galleries throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, and...

August Black is an artist and creative technologist who studies and practices in the overlapping areas of art, science, design, and critical media theory.

The collective formed in 2009 by the audiovisual artist Tasos Lizos, composer Niko Palamares, performer Orestis Plakias and musician Kyriakos Tsoukalas with the purpose of realizing music performances and visuals improvisation. Performances include The «AudioVisual Arts Festival 2010 by Ionian University at Corfu, Greece» and «Make Art festival 2010 by GOTO10 at Planetarium in Poitiers, France». Instruments used are laptops, handhelds, projectors and devices of analog sound production....

member of goto10

Aymeric Mansoux is an artist and musician, member of the GOTO10 collective. His main artistic and research interests revolve around online communities, software as a medium and the influence of FLOSS in the development and understanding of digital art. His most recent projects and collaborations include the 0xA file repository band with Chun Lee, the digital artlife Metabiosis project with Marloes de Valk and the pure:dyne GNU/Linux...

Studied philosophy in Vienna and entered the cultural and media sector through radio. Diverse employment in cultural initiatives (Radio FRO (AT), Audio Campus Visuell (BE), ....);

Freelance trainer in Open Source Software especially in the sound/radio sector. Workshops all over Central/Eastern Europe.
Performer in the area of electronical/computer music. Diverse performances in various locations (Beijing (CN), Bratislava (SK), Berlin (DE)...)
Lives in Linz and Bratislava...

Beste is a Senior Interaction Designer at Orange Labs, London who gained her masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University's Interaction Design program in 2008.

Beste has a passion for making meaningful user experiences in both digital and physical interfaces and has had the chance to explore and develop her skills and ideas about interaction design whilst working in her current postion at Orange and in past postions at Yahoo! Research, Trafo Interactive and makefreshmedia.

Birgit is an Austrian artist living, working and studying in Rotterdam/NL. She is currently studying MA Networked Media at Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam and has a background in interactive, audiovisual media and programming. Her interests focus on the influence of new media on our everyday lives and the similarities and differences between human and computational behavior.

Albert, Özalp and Birgit have different various common and uncommon backgrounds from street art, media art and design, music and do-it-yourself hacktivism and are now studying together at the Master „Networked Media“ at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

Birgit Bachler (A/NL)- http://www.birgitbachler.com
Albert Jongstra (NL)-...

Having grown up on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains in western Canada, where a seemingly endless wild gives way to the rapidly expanding influence of human hubris, Byron was compelled to make things that ask unanswerable questions. He pursued a degree in art at The University of Calgary before wandering the islands of the South Pacific, finally finding himself in Buffalo, New York where he obtained an MFA in Emerging Practices at The University at Buffalo. He now teaches Electronic...

César Escudero Andaluz (LIC, MA, MFA) studied Fine Arts and Architecture & Design at the University of Salamanca, Visual Arts and Multimedia at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 2011 he is researching at the Kunstuniversität Linz at the Interface Culture LAB, working in the field between users and interfaces.
His artworks have been shown in international electronic-art events, museums and conferences including ARS ELECTRONICA (at) / ISMAR2015 (jp) /INTERFACE...

Charles Céleste Hutchins was born in San Jose, California in 1976. Growing up in Silicon Valley, he started programming at a young age and has continued to do so, even after leaving dot coms to peruse music composition – obtaining an MA form Wesleyan University in 2005 and a PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2012. His recent work has focussed on gendered labour and AI.

Chimbalab is an art and Technology laboratory based in Santiago de Chile
Since its inception in 2008 it has been focused in the creation of sharing networks, discussion and reflection spaces, open hardware research and DIY technologies practices. Chimbalab has been an active cultural agent both in the Chilean context as in the South American one, understanding and promoting the idea of the technology in a broad sense, as an artistic production strategy and as an alternative of...

hcv has a background in sociology and some in Vienna. He jobs mostly in the field of political education. Works with works councils. Engaged in social movements. 2011 he had a multimedia handbook published on social movements and social media. The last few years he is researching the precarious situation of employees in the digital age.

Cristina Cochior (RO) is a researcher, designer and bot custodian working in the Netherlands. Currently completing an MA in Media Design and Communication at the Piet Zwart Institute, her interests revolve around automation practices, disrupting the interface and peer to machine knowledge production.

Christoph Haag studied design at the KHM/Department of Hybrid Space.
Today he lives and works as a designer in Augsburg.

Christoph Kaltenböck; born in 1982; laughed and got teeth; graduated from grammar school in 2001; no dancing course; studied communication science and theory of drama at the university of Vienna; eventually completed his studies of "media technique and design" at the university of applied science in Hagenberg; at present, master course for "time-based media" at the university of arts in Linz, working on short movies, video installations and experimental videos.

Christoph Rudorff, Wuppertal, Deutschland. Hacker, Videoartist, Linuxevangelist.

Claude Heiland-Allen is a digital artist from London, UK, and member of the international collective GOTO10. Recurring themes in his work include the mathematics of higher dimensions, the complex emergent behaviour of simple systems, and subtle (and not-so-subtle) algorithms.

Claudia González is a visual artist and art’s professor. Her work deals with the notion of materiality of technologic mediums and the relationship between high and low technologies, open hardware and DIY practices.

She co-manages Chimbalab, a local Art and Technology Medialab project. She is giving many Workshops and Lectures about electronic experimentation and DIY Culture. She’s also member of Sudamérica Experimental, an interchange platform of independent artistic projects in South...

Claudia Ossandón has worked as an independent performer, VJ and freelance activist. She works organizing Generatech since 2007, making diferent free software video and stream workshops in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, A Corunha, Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso. Since 2009 she is part of minipimer.tv , a videolab streaming collective based in Barcelona.

A futuristic expatriate American Space Ranger combines wearable computing, midi guitar, and live energy to wander the digi-range as a robotcowboy playing for dying astronauts. This is a lofi-guitar-compu-show with algorithmic balls from a DEVOspud, laptop-stomping idiot wearing exposed electronics.

Dan Wilcox:
"You can download Pure Data for free and use it, its open source. You can also download my personal patch library I use to create my music in PD"

Daniel's interests cover issues of governance, accountability and ethics in forms of science, technology and organisation. He draw on ideas from ethnomethodology, science and technology studies (in particular forms of radical and reflexive scepticism, constructivism, Actor-Network Theory and the recent STS turn to markets and other forms of organising). His research is ethnographic in orientation. In particular he is interested in the question of how entities (objects, values,...

Daniel Turing (not related to Alan), born 1976, lives and works in
Weimar and wherever there's electricity. He ponders questions of
surveillance, privacy and aesthetics that arise with the interplay of
humans and computers. His output consists mostly of (open-source)
software, occasionally interspersed with interactive installations or
endeavours into more traditional media.

David Ayers hat in den letzten 10 Jahren Erfahrungen in der
Implementierung von Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systemen für
Kleine und Mittelständische Unternehmen gesammelt. Derzeit
implementiert er Unternehmenslösungen mit Freier Software. Seit 2006
ist er aktives Mitglieder des österreichischen teams der Free Software
Foundation Europe.

David Ayers has gathered experience in implementing Enterprise Resource

David Young is an Irish artist/researcher, currently participating in the Networked Media course at the Piet Zwart Institute. His most recent research engages with the politics of cybernetic theory, and exploring how the remnants of this Cold War ideology affect contemporary networked culture. He has worked on the technical production of exhibitions for galleries such as the Netherlands Institute for Media Art (NIMk) in Amsterdam, and was a founding member of the Dodo Collective in 2008, an...

Dennis de Bel (1984, The Netherlands) graduated in June 2007 as an Interactive Media designer at the Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam. In June 2009, he completed the Master Media Design and Communication at the Piet Zwart Institute, also in Rotterdam. Currently, he is teaching at the Willem de Kooning Academie, and creating his own (non)works under the Dilly Dally Foundry label.

Roelof Roscam Abbing (1990, The Netherlands) is an artist, researcher and script kiddie who’s...

Why Openness Matters

Deptford.TV is a research project on collaborative film - initiated in collaboration with the Deckspace media lab, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, OWN project, Liquid Culture initiative, and Goldsmiths College.

It is an online media database documenting the urban change of Deptford, in Sout East London. Deptford TV functions as an open, collaborative platform that allows artists, filmmakers and people living and working around Deptford, and beyond Deptford, to...

Seit den spaeten 80er-jahren kontinuierliche Arbeit an der Nutzbarmachung von Abspielgeraeten fuer Audiokassetten, Vinylschallplatten, cds, Harddisks und IP-Protokollen als Instrumente.

Mitglied in verschiedenen Formationen u.a. eh, NotTheSameColor, siewert/dieb13, erik.M/dieb13, dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto

lebt als Modernisierungsgewinnler und Urheberrechtsverweigerer in Wien Fuenfhaus.

Dmytri Kleiner develops miscommunication technologies that uncover the social relations embedded in communication platforms. He is an active member of the Telekommunisten Network, and the author of the Telekommunist Manifesto.

download: http://www.networkcultures.org/_uploads/%233notebook_telekommunist.pdf

Dominik Leitner is an artist and curator, most recently organizing "crossing urlaub - das urlaubsfilmfestival" the world's first holiday filmfestival. Working with Architecture, Space and Structures. Making music in various groups, like RISEOFTHELIGER, POSTMAN and the solo project Konus Kalamanda.

Donna Metzlar (Cape Town, 1969) wanted to become a farmer when she was little, but ended up doing a Social Science degree (English and Sociology) at UCT in the 80s and later a nursing degree in Rotterdam. Finally she taught herself some ICT stuff and has worked in the sector for over 12 years. She's co-founder of the Eclectic Tech Carnival and Girl Geek Dinner Amsterdam, and core member of the Genderchangers.

dorfTV community TV started broadcasting in June 2010

Stefan Hageneder, Ufuk Serbest

Dusan Barok is involved in independent critical practise in the fields of art, software, and theory. Currently he takes part in Networked media programme at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, where he is engaged in the artistic use of social networks and peer-to-peer technologies. He has initiated and participated in many research-grounded projects in context of media arts, network culture, and the commons. Lives in Rotterdam and Bratislava.

Eleanor Greenhalgh is a fine artist working with networked media and collaboration and is interested how social & technical protocols are used to regulate (or resist) our experiences of sexuality and physical embodiment.

She is currently doing the MA Networked Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam.

She runs the Radical X platform for collaborative art and writing, which explores the insersections of sexuality, radical politics and...

Eleonora Oreggia develops the FLOSS "Virtual Entity", a program and environment that offers it's users to publish, media of different types, but moreover to...

Emilio Vavarella (IT/USA) was born in Monfalcone (Italy) in 1989. He graduated summa cum laude from both the University of Bologna with a B.A. in Visual, Cultural, and Media Studies, and from Iuav University of Venice with an M.A. in Visual Arts and study abroad fellowships at Bezalel Academy of Tel Aviv and Bilgi University of Istanbul. Emilio’s work has been recently shown at: EYEBEAM, ISEA, SIGGRAPH, GLITCH Festival, Media Art Biennale, European Media Art Festival and Japan Media Arts...

Escoitar.org is a collective of artists, anthropologists, engineers, developers and musicologists focusing in the aural phenomena. Considering the experience of sound as a means of gathering information, they aim to reflect upon the acoustic forms of sociability, rethinking the urban landscape and social relationships.

Enrique Tomas details

Enrique Tomás, Clemens Pichler, Ulrich Brandstätter, Adriana Torres, Varvara Guljajeva.

Graduated at Academy of fine arts in Banska Bystrica
Working as media artist in different fields from projections and sound art to 3d graphic.

Evan Light is a longtime researcher and activist working in communications policy, wireless communication, surveillance and privacy. He was recently a postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University's Mobile Media Lab in Montreal. As of July 2016, Evan will be an assistant professor of communication at Glendon College, York University in Toronto, Canada. Evan holds a PhD in communication from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

EXPANDERR derivates from some other initiatives keen to use spaces without use, or so called "Leerstände" to organize parties, open exhibitions and similar activities.

EXPANDERRR is a international collective based in linz austria and an association in the process of emergence.

Christa Wall, Julia-Michaela Hartig, Pantelis Giannakis, Ioan Cernei, Alexander de las Herras Carballo, Bomi Ahn, Katharina Mayrhofer, Dominik Leitner, Michael Schweiger...and you?

Born 1985 in Sindelfingen, Germany. 2006-2011 academic studies of visual art in the time-based and computer-based art class by Ulrich Wegenast at the Free Art Academy Baden-Württemberg. 2011-now working as a media artist freelancer.
Since March 2012 teacher for interactive installations and online media at FKBW. 2013 Workshops in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Felix Stalder teaches digital culture at the Zurich University of the Arts, researches at the World Information Institute in Vienna and a moderates , a critical nexus of the discourse on net culture, since 1995. His work focuses on the intersection of cultural, political and technological dynamics, in particular on new modes of commons-based production, copyright and transformation of subjectivity. He's the author/editor of numerous books, among other "Manuel Castells and the Theory of the...

FICTILIS is the collaborative practice of Andrea Steves and Timothy Furstnau. We make projects.

Our projects tend to arise out of our relationships — to each other, and to our communities and surroundings — and are intended to both reflect and affect these relationships. We sometimes bring other artists, non-artists, and community groups into our collaborations and create new relationships.

Our work is research-based, rigorously interdisciplinary, conceptually oriented, and...

Fieke works at Tactical Technology Collective (Tactical Tech), where she researches and writes on the Politics of Data and digital shadows. She hopes to bring more transparency to the global data industry. Prior to moving to Berlin, Fieke worked on the intersection of the internet, social change and security, working at Hivos to set up and manage their digital emergency programme for human rights defenders and activists. She also co-authored a book called Digital AlterNatives. Fieke holds a...

Florian Cramer, geb. 1969, Literatur- und Kunstwissenschaftler, Leiter
des Networked Media-Masterstudienprogramms sowie des Forschungsprojekts
Communication in a Digital Age am Piet Zwart Institute der Willem de
Kooning Academy Rotterdam.

Florian Stöffelmayr is student of software science at university of technology graz, recently works as curator of the MedienKunstLabor (MKL) at Kunsthaus Graz. He also works as Freelancer in the creative Area, is co-founder of blenderusers.at and is doing the openArtist Linux Distribution, as a one-man show until now.

Franz Buchinger studied Telecommunication and Media at the University of
Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Austria. He started his career as technical
editor for the german publisher Galileo Press. Later he assisted in founding
video2brain, a company that pioneered video-based training for FOSS
software. At this time he also co-wrote three books on image and video
editing. Today he works as an IT-manager for a public relations company in

Geboren in Freistadt zog es ihn bereits für die Mittelschule nach Linz ins Petrinum, an das er ein Informatikstudium anknüpft. Schon zu Schulzeiten in Kontakt mit Linux gekommen - damals noch aus Lust am Anderen - entwickelt der Nach-wie-Vor-Student eine Leidenschaft für Open Source Software generell und das KDE Projekt im Speziellen. Ausgehend von der Betreuung von KDE Auftritten auf der CeBIT oder am LinuxTag wird er im Frühjahr 2007 in den KDE e.V. geladen und übernimmt dort neben Wade...

Has studied at the academy of applied art, department of ”visual communication” founded by Peter Weibel. Subsequently he was teaching computer languages, audio-visual productions, electronics and electrical technics at the same academy until 1992. At the technical university of graz he was lecturing at the departure ”institut fuer baukunst” - ”communication theory”.

He was participating in numerous exhibitions in austria and abroad, including ars electronica, aperto biennale di...

Georg Jakob is amongst those, called “Free Software Advocates”. He is a lawyer and an active critic of the over-abundance of so called “intellectual property rights” in general and Software patents in particular. From 2003 on, he was repeatedly invited to hearings in the European parliament regarding Software Patents as well as Copyright, Rights Enforcement and other Industrial Property issues.

He is currently representing the FFII e.V. before the European Patent Office in the...

Georg Pleger (geb. 1967, Innsbruck) ist public project lead von Creative
Commons Österreich (www.creativecommons.at). Nach dem Studium
(Pädagogik/Mathematik) leitete er eine Online-Bibliothek an der
Universität Innsbruck. Projektarbeit im Bereich Bildungstechnologie,
Mitgründer der Plone-Foundation (www.plone.org), Mitglied der Open...

to be continued

Geboren in Linz. Studium der Mathematik und Bildnerischen Erziehung.
AHS-Lehrer für Bildnerische Erziehung, Mathematik und Informatik.
Assistent, Lehrbeauftragter und Mitarbeit an Forschungsprojekten am RISC (Research Institute für Symbolic Computation) der Kepleruniversität Linz. Dissertation in Theoretischer Computer Science.
EDV-Lehrer und Koordinator der EDV-Ausbildung an der Kunstuniversität Linz.
Ab 2004 Universitätsprofessor an der Kunstuniversität Linz für...

220hex / Gisle Frøysland has for over a decade been one of the key figures of the Norwegian electronic arts scene. He is a founding member of BEK - the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, initiator/maintainer of the FLOSS videoapp MøB, and main organizer of the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway. Since the early 80s he has been working as a musician, VJ and visual artist.

"Frøysland's work is an inquiry into what he himself calls the "hype traps that the computer and media industry wants...

Gívan Belá
Born in Belgium. After studying literature and linguistics, a little philosophy and sculpting, he made a radical switch to computer music at the end of the 1980s. He has been involved in experimental media art in its many different forms since 1990.


GOTO10 is a collective of international artists and programmers, dedicated to Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and digital arts. GOTO10 aims to support and grow digital art projects and tools for artistic creation,...

Greg Saul is a designer, programmer, maker who is interested in challenging the roles of the consumer and designer through his work.Greg was born in Wellington New Zealand, a city with great coffee and a lot of weather. Greg studied industrial design at Victoria University of...

Born in 1979. Degree in Computer Sciences and New Media at the Technical University Vienna. Study scholarship at the Kiev Polytechnical Institute (Ukraine) and Helsinki University of Technology (Finland). Diploma thesis on “A mobile Blogging Solution – Aggregation and Management of location-based Content in the Java Application Domain” at the Interactive Media Systems- and E-Commerce Group. Currently working in Vienna in the field of software engineering based on mobile- and web applications...

Heath Bunting was born a Buddhist in Wood Green, London, UK and is able to make himself laugh. (currently, reduced to only smile)

He is a co-founder of both net.art and sport-art movements and is banned for life from entering the USA for his anti genetic work. His self taught and authentically independent work is direct and uncomplicated and has never been awarded a prize.

He is both Britain's most important practising artist and The World's most famous computer artist. He...

Helen Varley Jamieson is a writer, theatre practitioner and digital artist from New Zealand, based in Munich. She holds a Master of Arts (QUT, 2008) investigating her practice of cyberformance, and works as a freelance artist and researcher. She coined the term cyberformance in 2000 to describe networked performance that approaches the internet as a site for live collaboration by remote performers. She co-founded UpStage and continues to manage the project and co-curate annual online...

Helmuth Peer ist Lehrer am BG/BRG Weiz und unterrichtet dort Informatik, Mathematik und Sport. Als Netzwerkadministrator hat er an dieser Schule in einem Projekt mit Schülern auf der Basis freier Software den desktop4education und server4education entwickelt und auch im Einsatz.
Steirer des Tages am 18. April 2008 - siehe

Hlödver was born in Reykjavik 1989 and started formal musical training at the age of 16 in Reykjavik College of Music. His main teachers in composition were Tryggvi M. Baldvinsson and then Þórður Magnússon. After graduating from physics department at Menntaskólinn við Sund he entered mathematics department at Háskóli Íslands but soon quit for full time studies in piano playing and music theory. His piano teachers were Marteinn Hunger Friðriksson, Guðríður Sigurðardóttir and Selma...

Originally being from Berlin and Hesse, Holger Schöner currently is enjoying
the nice surroundings of the Mühlviertel as his home. His profession is
industrial data analysis, while in his spare time he is living his creative
side by rendering and designing maps. Additionally he loves to collect the
data for the latter by roaming through nature near and far around his living
place, by feet and by bike. In the process of collecting data for
OpenStreetMap and...

1994-2003 Study of Sound Engineering, University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz & Graz University of Technology

1999-working and studying at the Institute of Electronic Music und Acoustics (IEM) at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz

2003 Diploma (MoS) in Sound Engineering

2007-working on my PhD on "Live-Coding in computermusic"

1998- founder of forum::für::umläute

1998-collaboration with Nicole Pruckermayr

2000- Developer and...

Ivar Veermäe's (EE/DE) work circles around questions of public space, networks and new technologies. As a result of long-term artistic research by means of photography, film and sound, his works are presented in versatile ways (such as video, on-site installations, interactive works and performances, also in public space). Ivar Veermäe aims to document and analyze the infrastructure underlying our contemporary culture of data and information. His projects show a processual, still evolving...

Multimedia artist, and system designer devoted to technology. His background is interdisciplinary, holding degrees in visual and performing arts, software prototyping and computer sience. Unstitutionalized colaborator having fun in various fields of free arts.

James Bridle is a writer, artist, publisher and technologist based in London, UK. His work covers the intersection of literature, culture and the network. He writes for a wide range of media, online and in print, and lectures worldwide.

James writes a regular column in the Observer newspaper (UK) on publishing and technology. As well as his own blog, his writing has appeared in the New Statesman, Frieze, Eye, De Gids, ICON, Domus, Form, Cabinet, TAR, WIRED, the Guardian, the Atlantic...

James Stevens is the founder member of SPC and lives with his family in Deptford
SE London. Whilst directing operations at web boutique Obsolete in 1996
he launched Backspace, the proto cybercafe on Clink Street, London Bridge; a
response to conversations with Heath Bunting on the needs for an
accessible place to explore creative networking and critical media in
public. After fitting it out with artist Tim Cook it was modeled by
digital native Dorian...

member of goto10

Adriaan van Kampen aus Amsterdam hat autonome Computerkomposition studiert. Er spielt in der Network Band Powerbooks unplugged, ist ein Mitglied des Ensembles für elektro-akustische Musik Schreck und von GOTO10, einem Arthack-Kollektiv, das sich mit FLOSS (Free and Open Source Software) auseinandersetzt.

Joakim Blattmanns work with sound spans from sculptural installations, standalone sound works, to composition and concerts. He works with sound as a physical and moving material. Acoustic ecology, field recordings and objects inherent acoustic properties are recurrent themes. Blattmann holds a Masters degree from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (NO).

Barcelona, 1982. She is an artist and a researcher. Her work critically explores the way post-capitalist narratives affect the alphabetization of machines, humans and ecosystems. Her main research topics include communication technologies and CO2 emissions, virtual civil surveillance on the Internet and language. She has lectured, performed and exhibited her work internationally in venues such as MAXXI, Rome; The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, US; Schauspiel-Hannover, Germany; New...

Seit 1999 als technischer Direktor bei mur.at tätig. Schwerpunkttätigkeiten: Netzwerkplanung, Serverwartung, Security, Reliability.

was born in 1980 in Esslingen / Germany. Musically trained since he was four, he had his first piano lessons at the age of eight. In 1989 he began composing, since 1990 he got lessons in composition and music theory at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart. Additionally, he began playing the violin and organ. From 2000 to 2006 he had been studying composition and music theory at the Musikhochschule Freiburg, composition with Mathias Spahlinger, theory with Eckehard Kiem, organ with Helmut Deutsch,...

Jonathan Kemp has a long history of speculative and situational life coding events elaborated as active makings-in-the-world. Project collaborations (including as ap and xxxxx) include material processing performances, environmental installations, speculative communicative systems, symposia, and social software events executed throughout Europe, Brazil, and the US. Current projects and performances are informed by an interest in aleatory and code-brut reconfigurations of computations...

Joseph Knierzinger is artist and dilettantish engineer. His artistic output is between installation, intervention, wearable instruments and performances. In his work he explores obsolete media and technology, as well as the mechanisation of the non-sense. He studied media and art in Vienna and Rotterdam. Currently he manages his presence in Vienna.

New Zealand born artist, inventor and teacher based in Berlin, Germany. He has presented his papers and projects at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. His work has received several awards, ranging across technical excellence, artistic invention and interaction design.

He has given numerous workshops and master classes in game-design, artistic game-development,...

Julian Stadon is an artist, designer, curator, and senior lecturer/researcher at Salzburg University of Applied Science. Stadon is also Director of The Mixed and Augmented Reality Research Organisation, a MASHD Program Chair and Steering Committee member for the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. Previously, Stadon founded Dorkbot Perth (2009-2013) and lectured at Curtin University, Murdoch University and The SAE/Qantm Institute, Perth.

His current PhD research...

KairUs is a collective of two artists, Linda Kronman (FI) and Andreas Zingerle (AT). Our work focuses on human computer and computer mediated human-human interaction with a special interest in transmedia and interactive storytelling. Since 2010 we have worked with the theme of Internet fraud and online scams, constantly shifting our focus and therefore approaching the theme from a number of perspectives, such as data security, data privacy, ethics of vigilante communities, narratives of scam...

Karlessi is a member of Ippolita Collective, who recently published the book: In the Facebook aquarium: The resistible rise of anarcho-capitalism (http://www.ippolita.net/en/facebook-aquarium). He is also a great writer and thinker of anarchic and libertarian practices.

Studied Human Services Management at the University of Applied Sciences here in Linz.
She has worked at Maiz since 2003 and has mainly been involved with women's educational projects. Her experience includes working in local, regional and international projects (Equal, Leonaro da Vinci, Grundtvig) where her responsibilities have ranged from working as a multiplier in a job-orientation program for women, to project staff in the curriculum development of PreQual (EU - Leonardo da Vinci)...

is an interdisciplinary communication researcher, director of the Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0, and World-Information Institute (World-Information.Org), a cultural intelligence provider. Co-founder and chairman of Public Netbase (1994 - 2006), he has been active in electronic media as an artist, author, composer as well as curator, producer and organizer. Since 1979, numerous electronic intermedia productions, exhibitions, conferences and event designs for international...

Kruno Jošt attended the Art Academy Zagreb (1993/94–1996/97) and the Gerrit Rietvield Kunst Akademie, Amsterdam (1997/98–1999/2000). He is the founder of the Urban Culture and Education organization http://www.uke.hr/. Since 2000, he has been developing the GentleJunk co http://gentlejunk.net/. collective; since 2005, he has been a member of the IL.MURO.DEL.RUMUORE/...

L2Ork, founded by Dr. Ivica Ico Bukvic in May 2009, is part of the latest interdisciplinary initiative by the Virginia Tech Music Department’s Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio (DISIS). As an emerging contemporary intermedia ensemble with a uniquely open design, L2Ork thrives upon the quintessential form of collaboration found in the western classical orchestra and its cross-pollination with increasingly accessible human-computer interaction technologies for the purpose of...

Larisa Blazic is a lecturer by day and a media artist by night. Born in a country that doesn't exist any more, she pretends to live and work in London and is an avid collector of wasted time. She spends her life studying software and networks, speculating on freedom and openness whilst and at the same time learning about it. In the past, Larisa's work was focused on various forms of intersection between art, internet and architecture never fully settling on a committed direction. Often...

Danish artist and critical designer, Linda Hilfling, works with the premises of participation and public space within media structures, with a focus on means of control (codes, organisation and law) and their cultural impact. Her artistic practice takes the form of interventions which in humoristic and often absurd ways reflect on and reveal gaps within existing structures – the place where a system fails and its inadequacies become visible. Works range from concepts for using ATM-machines...

Linda Kronman (MA) is a media artist and designer from Helsinki, Finland. She has worked as an Art Director for media production companies and taken part in several multidisciplinary art and design projects. In her artistic work she is interested in exploring various participatory art&design practices, specially in connection to creative activism. Currently she is completing the postgraduate program in MediaArtHistories at the Danube University Krems, Austria.

Ling works at Tactical Tech in Berlin as a project coordinator on the Politics of Data team, where she organises activities and events, and does project work on Me and My Shadow (myshadow.org). Before joining Tactical Tech, Ling worked as an events organiser in the environmental field, and she has a Bachelor and Masters degree in environmental science.

Lonneke is a PhD researcher at the University of Amsterdam. Her work focuses on digital surveillance and technologies of activism and more particularly on surveillance awareness devices. She is also an editor of Krisis, journal for contemporary philosophy, and a member of the board of the Dutch Digital Rights organisation Bits of Freedom.

Luka Frelih is a computer programmer with special affinity for open programming, a web page designer and media artist. He is one of the founding members of the Ljubljana Laboratory for Digital Media (Ljudmila) and one of its creative participants, and currently the leader of the Creative Commons Slovenia project. In 2004, he developed FRIDA V. – Free Ride Data Acquisition Vehicle – a project he presented at the DEAF 2004 festival in Rotterdam, at the Contemporary Slovenian Art 95’05 –...

* 2005 Matura: Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium mit computerunterstütztem
naturwissenschaftlichen Schwerpunkt in Radstadt
* seit 2005: Studium Computer- und Mediensicherheit FH-OOE, Campus
Hagenberg (6. Semester) mit Schwerpunkten in den Fächern:
Netzwerktechnik und -sicherheit, Sicherheitsmanagement, Kryptographie,
Abwehr von Angriffen

* verschiedene Studienprojekte zu den Themen: Malware, Webserver,
- -applicationsicherheit, Rootkits,...

Imre Facchin
Fachgebiet Physik und Open Source
studiert im moment mit maessigem Erfolg Physik an der Uni Wien. Er beschaeftigt sich im moment intensiver als sonst mit Linux ( Fuer das Projekt Machinimint ).

Malte Fiala
06.07.1985: geboren in Tamsweg, Salzburg, Österreich
1995-2006: Ausbildung auf dem Realgymnasium mit sportlichen
Schwerpunkt- Maria Enzersorf
2004-2005: Studierender auf der "Kunstuniversität Linz"
seit 2005: Studierender auf...

Malte Steiner is media artist, electronic musician and composer. Started with electronic music and visual arts around 1983, developing his own vision of the interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk, working with, and not limited to, film, theater, video games and interactive installations. Releases on cassette, vinyl, CD and online. Concerts, exhibitions, workshops and residencies in Europe, Asia and America. Co-founded the Hörbar club for experimental music around 1992 in Hamburg which still...

Manetta Berends (1989, NL) has been educated as a graphic designer at the Artez art academy in Arnhem before starting her master-education at the Piet Zwart Institute (PZI), Rotterdam. From the Artez academy she acquired an interest in typography and research based design, which she expanded on in her research projects at the PZI, where she mainly focused on the systemization of language in the field of natural language processing and text mining.

Manu Luksch is an artist and filmmaker who interrogates conceptions of progress and scrutinises the effects of network technologies on social relations, urban space, and political structures. Her installation and procedural works often involve novel processes, like urban planning led by children, or a kayak taxi service along urban canals, which doubles as a research vehicle into the future of transport. These works take place in a wide range...

Marc Garrett is co-director and co-founder, with artist Ruth Catlow of the Internet arts online collectives and communities – Furtherfield.org and the physical space Furtherfield Gallery and Furtherfield commons space in London, UK. Co-curating various contemporary Media Arts exhibitions, projects nationally and internationally. Co-editor of Artists Re:Thinking Games with Ruth Catlow and Corrado Morgana 2010. Currently researching a Media Art history PhD at the University of London, Birkbeck...

Marek is a restless producer of various creative and social interventions that span across various media: radio, television and internet; as well as utilise non technical formats such as workshops, books sprints and endless conversations. Activism, innovation and creativity are the major driving forces in his work as much as the importance of marginalised voices, opinions and world views.

He co-founded The Second Hand Bank, International Contemporary Art Network, Tactical Tech and...

Currently Margarita Koehl is a research assistant at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna. In her PhD project she investigates the role emotions play within the process of technology appropriation and use from a trans-cultural perspective.
From 2011 to 2013 she worked as a representative of the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD) incvKaohsiung, Taiwan. She was also visiting researcher at Dokkyo University, Tokyo and Silpakorn...

Marina Gržinić (PhD) is a philosopher and artist who lives in Ljubljana and works in Ljubljana and Vienna. She is researcher at the FI SRC SASA (Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts) Ljubljana and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vien- na. She has published ten books (monographs and translations). In 2014, in collaboration with Šefik Tatlić, she co-authored the book Necropolitics, Racialization and Global Capitalism: Historicization of Biopolitics and...

Marloes de Valk (NL) is a software artist and writer in the post-despair stage of coping with the threat of global warming and being spied on by the devices surrounding her. Surprised by the obsessive dedication with which we, even post-Snowden, share intimate details about ourselves to an often not too clearly defined group of others, astounded by the deafening noise we generate while socializing with the technology around us, she is looking to better understand why.

She has...

Programmer, theorist and artist, Martin Howse has worked collaboratively under the heading xxxxx, in audio performance and wide ranging production and publication. In the last years, he directed -micro-research, presenting a series of open workshops and working groups centred in Berlin. Current projects include the establishment of an interdisciplinary mobile research laboratory devoted to the use of free software and open hardware within the field of psychogeophysics.

Martin Kaltenbrunner is currently Professor for Interface Culture at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz. He is co-creator of the tangible modular synthesizer Reactable, and he is author of the open source tangible interaction framework reacTIVision and the related TUIO protocol, which have been widely adopted for the implementation of tangible tabletop applications.

Martin Kaltenbrunner ist gegenwärtig Professor für Interface Culture an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Er...

He is an artist interested in the technology. He has studied computer science and drawing. His professional experience has been both working in advertising agencies and artists. He is currently enrolled in the master Interface Cultures in the city of Linz interested in issues such as the relationship between drugs and the economy among others.

Martin Reiche is a media artist living and working in Berlin, Germany, and is regularly presenting on professional computer science and digital art and gaming conferences. His artistic work has been shown at numerous festivals and museums around the world, including ZKM Museum of Media Art, ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens Digital Art Festival, INCUBARTE Art Festival Valencia, ETDM Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design Tallinn

Sociologist and activist from the habitat collective

Martino Morandi researches the undefined territory in-between technology, politics and art.

Maruska takes care that you sleep tight during the AMRO festival, finding the best hosts for the best guests and vice versa. Searching for blankets and pillows and spare beds.
She will probably do other things around AMRO as well, but let's see.
Oh yes, she is also and artist and student of Interface Cultures Master Program in Linz and organiser of Ship Film Boudoir, occasional moderator and helms(wo)men in learning ..and..but that doesn't matter here ;-)

Mary Tsang is an artist-biologist practicing in civic biosciences, open source organisms and tools, and how to deploy them. Her projects explore the biopolitical nature of biotechnologies, their roots in society and transhumanism, and the question of who gets access. Since 2013 she has partnered with a filmmaker to produce a documentary web-series on “bio-art” and emerging communities in DIYBio. The web-series DIYSECT hopes to initiate conversations on the rapid effect of...

Matthew Rice is an Advocacy Officer at Privacy International working across the organisation engaging with international partners and strengthening their capacity on communications surveillance issues. He has previously worked at Privacy International as a consultant building the Surveillance Industry Index, the largest publicly available database on the private surveillance sector ever assembled. Matthew graduated from University of Aberdeen with an LLB (Hons.) and also has an MA in Human...

Matthias Urban, sound artist, born 1986 in Feldkirch, Austria creates acousmatic sound-pieces based on environmental recordings, found vintage media, data streams taken from natural phenomena etc.. The sounds and/or data are mainly processed and transformed with modified tape recorders, experimental microphony, computers, analog modular synthesizers and other–mostly magnetic-based–vintage sound equipment

1999 AHS-Matura (school-leaving examination)
1999 - 2000 Civilian service
2000 - 2001 TU Technical University Vienna - Information management
2001 - 2003 “Graphische” Vienna - Graduate: Engineer for multimedia management and technics
2004 Bavarian Academy for Marketing and Advertising - Marketing communication
2001 - 2003 Punkt net.Services, Vienna - Content Manager
2004 - 2006 futureheadz bordercross marketing, Munich - Project Manager
since 2007...

Mey Lean Kronemann is an artist, hacker and researcher from Berlin.
Her works have been internationally shown and presented both in a scientific context and in the art context (including lab.30, transmediale, Piksel, technarte, DIS, ICRA) and were awarded by Digital Sparks (Honorary Mention for schuechterne lichter), Art of Engineering, and Japan Media Arts Festival (Jury Selection Work for lumiBots).
Mey has studied Interaction Design in Malmö, Sweden, and Product Design in...

Michael Mosmann (geb. 1973, Spremberg) ist Geschäftsführer bei dem Verbraucherportal Vergleich.de(www.vergleich.de). Während des Designstudiums in Halle/Saale (www.burg-halle.de) beschäftigte er sich Virtueller Realität und computergestützter Entwurfstechnik. Seit 1999 beschäftigt sich Michael Mosmann im Umfeld der webbasierten Anwendungsentwicklung mit dem Thema...

deals with sonification and sonorization using an analog synthesizer. As a radio-maker and initiator of various projects, since 1990 he has been involved in the dynamic field of cultural work, art, and civil society processes. As a sociologist at the Johannes Kepler University Linz he focused on the break-up of Yugoslavia in his thesis in 2005. Since 2009 he has been working on a masters degree in political education at the JKU.

Michael Warthog (AT) works since 2000 activity with art photography and experimental film. He is interested in the breakdown of objects, machines und herbal structures and did various studies on the relationship between inner and outer world.

Michael Zeltner explores spaces in technical possibilities of humanistic storytelling. He co-founded the first localised cell of Graffiti Research Lab (http://graffitiresearchlab.com/) in Vienna (http://graffitiresearchlab.at/) and helped redestribute 500.000 Euros of public funding for New Media Art as part of the...

Michaela Lakova (BG) is a visual artist currently based in Rotterdam. She studied at the Media Design and Communication MA (Piet Zwart Institute). She holds a BA (NATFA) in Stage and Screen design. Her field of research and practice invokes catchy bits and bytes of errors, systems malfunction and the inevitable generation of data traces and its problematic resistance to deletion. Her work DEL?No Wait!REW installation takes a forensic approach to a collection of discarded hard drives,...

Miha Ciglar (1980) is a composer and audio artist. He is a student of the Academy of Music and of the Technical University in Graz (Austria). Since 2001, he has been presenting himself at art festivals all over the world with original compositions for various acoustic instruments, electro-acoustic and interactive-dance performances, computer music, and audio-visual installations.

KOBAKANT explore the use of wearable technology as a medium for commenting on the social and technological aspects of today's high-tech society. Conscious of wearability and questioning of functionality, we believe in the spirit of humoring technology and present our twisted criticism of the stereotypes it creates. For us technology exists to be hacked, DIYed and modified by everyone to fit our needs and desires. www.kobakant.at...

minipimer.tv is a multicultural, multidisciplinary and multitasking collective based in Barcelona since 2008. Its activities move around experimental live streaming, art, critical research and workshops.

Laura Malinverni
holds a degree in Fine Arts and is specialized in graphic design and video. She is graduated in Artheraphy and now is student of the Master Interdisciplinary in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). Malinverni is...

missdata (Tsila Hassine) examines the shifts in contemporary culture brought upon by accelerated digitization processes. Her works question the unbearable lightness of connectivity, and negotiate the price of remaining constantly ״on.” She earned an MFA in Media Design from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and was a research fellow at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Paris Sorbonne University. Her work has been exhibited at the...

Nathaniel Tkacz is assistant professor at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick and also expert on network politics, Open Source and Free Culture, plusco-founder of the MoneyLab conference

Nicolas Malevé is an artist, software programmer and data activist developing multimedia projects and web applications for and with cultural organisations. His current research work is focused on cartography, information structures, metadata and the means to visually represent them. He lives and works in Barcelona and Brussels. Since 1998 Nicolas collaborates with Constant, a non-profit association, based and active in Brussels since 1997 in the fields of feminism, copyright alternatives and...

Besides working on projects about social spheres and folly, Niek is actually also into subjects such as cultural division, mediated redundancy and ideological reissuing. He does this by being a bit of an art historian, composer, teacher, conductor, designer, photographer, event planner, animator, film-maker and a lot more at the same time… A true excess of a meta-modernist digital age!

In 2002, Nika Autor (1982) inscribes painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In 2005, she is an exchange student at the Satakunta Polytechnic Fine Art Kankaanpaa in Finland, and for three months in 2006 at the University of Fine Arts Poznan in Poland. In 2005, she receives a commendation of the Academy of Fine Arts for exceptional achievements in pre-grad. She works with photography, graphics, painting, and video. The subject of her interests is the relationship of the artist to...

J. Steininger: Sound - Artist & freelance audio expert since at least since 1997
2003-2005 Studies Bruckner University Linz
2004-2008 Studies Space&Design Strategies UfG
2008-2011 MA Soundstudies UDK Berlin
2008-2011 Ma Space&Design Strat. UfG

Michael Schweiger Soundartist Musician since 1993
1991-2005 Studies Sociology JKU
since 2009 MA studies civic education
1993-2008 cultural worker
since 2008 head of experimental...

Malte Steiner

freelance software developer (C++, Java, Objective-C, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, IPhone, Android, J2ME), media artist, sound designer, musician

The Open Technology Laboratory (short OTELO) is no disguised educational
institution, but an inspiring spare time organization for the creative
community, whose first purpose is a social one: community building with
a low-level open access and interesting means of operation. OTELO can
fulfill a lot of things that schools, universities or enterprises cannot
and therefore will excite first and foremost those people for technical
things who want to try out...

Owen Mundy is a researcher and technologist who investigates public space, information privacy, and big data. His work has been covered in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Time Magazine, NPR, and Wired Magazine and exhibited in multiple museums and festivals in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, and Mexico City. He has received numerous creative fellowships, a DAAD (Berlin 2010–11), and a Fulbright Fellowship (Austria 2016).

Peer Georgi
23.03.1979 in Frankfurt/Oder geboren
1985 - 1995 Schulausbildung in Frankfurt/Oder
1995 - 1998 Ausbildung zum Kommunikationselektroniker (vorzeitiger
erfolgreicher Abschluss)
1999 Erster Linux Kontakt
1999 - 2000 Erfolgreicher Abiturabschluss
2001 - 2005 Studium der technischen Informatik in Aalen (BW)
2005 - 2008 Entwicklungsingenieur bei Conitec Datensysteme GmbH

Ramona Ries
19.12.1979 in Hann.-...

presenter „Peter Bubestinger“: Studied computer science & multimedia at the TU Vienna. More than 10 years experience with GNU/Linux and free software. Since 3 years, part of the core-team of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE).

artist(s)/band „XBloome“: Exists since 2005. It's electronically-focused, featuring different musical styles from ambient to trip hop. We're offering all songs under a Creative-Commons licence, and using open hardware, free software and GNU/Linux for...

is an American electronic music and live visual artist, technologist, and journalist, based in Berlin. He is founder and editor of createdigitalmusic.com and createdigitalmotion.com, as well as an author on technology and creation (Macworld, Keyboard, Wax Poetics...

Peter Wagenhuber studiert Informatik und ist bei servus.at beschäftigt.

Pippa Buchanan is community manager for the School of Webcraft, a partnership between the Mozilla Foundation and Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU). Recently moved to Linz, she worked in educational software, video games development and as a design educator before becoming involved in non-formal and open educational projects.


Przemyslaw Sanecki, Ph.D., was born in 1977 in Trzebnica, Poland, lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
2005. MA in Fine Arts at Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.
2014. Ph.D. in Fine Arts at University of Arts in Poznan, Poland.
Artistic pratice:
He debuted in 1999 with a performance in Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland.
Since then he is active in fields of performance art, media art, experimental music and computational art.
He is also...

Raphael Perret is a Zurich based artist, exploring the interplay between physical and virtual spaces, the closing of cir­cles, as well as the examination of value systems. He holds a Bachelor in Interactive Media and a Master of Advanced Studies in Scenography. He has taught at the Interaction Design department of the Zurich University of the Arts. His art projects have been shown worldwide in places like Gwanju (South Korea); Rio de Janeiro and London.

After having worked for about...

richie herbst
born 1976 and lives in linz, involved in Dilemma Records, Interstellar
Records, KAPU, klingt.org, Lufthanfa, Oheim Open Air and running a radio
show on Radio Fro. besides Regolith he is creating sounds as "Herbst"
and likes djing. http://regolith.klingt.org

christian zollner
born in the 80ties and lives in berlin. running Zauner Electronics - a
center of...

Reinhard Gupfinger is an artist and researcher working in the field of Sonic Interaction and Street Art based in Linz, Austria.His areas of focus are perception, documentation and the manipulation of acoustic space. Since 2000 he has been primarily developing projects involving interactive sound objects, urban interventions, and sound performances.

Renfah is an arti(vi)st and researcher working in the field of Cultural Studies/ Critical Theory and Analysis. He received his PhD. in 2011 from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Within the frame of his PhD. project he conducted research in India, Europe and Africa analyzing globalized societies by looking at the
representation of its symbols. He holds a Matser’s degree in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia, University of Applied Arts, Vienna. As an artist and curator he...

The interdisciplinary research team consists of a core team of six people ranging from visual anthropology, environmental studies, art theory, scenography to music and programming: Flavia Caviezel (lead), Mirjam Bürgin, Anselm Caminada, Adrian Demleitner, Marion Mertens, Yvonne Volkart, associated: Andreas Simon. Most of the team members have been collaborating since “RhyCycling. Aesthetics of Sustainability in the Basel Border Area”, 2010- 2013; “Times of Waste” runs from 2015-2017. Both...

Ricardo Palmieri (vj palm), 1978, is a video-jockey and an architect, graduated by the Universidade do Grande ABC (1997-2001), Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently he is a consultant of space’s development, scenery and interactive installations to artistic and commercial projects using free softwares.

He worked for the Brazilian Ministry of Culture government, inside the program Cultura Viva on the Digital Culture as a researcher of free softwares for graphical production between 2005 and...

Richie Cyngler is an experimental electronic artist fascinated by collaborative play, experimental process, learning and the creative potential of new technologies. He works predominantly with open source software, hardware, circuitry and sensors to make audio-visual interactive performance and installations which engage viewers/ participants in aesthetic play with the works and each other. Richie is also an educator and community leader in art, design and technology. He is a co-director at...

Rob Canning is a composer and sound artist. His work focuses on finding a dialogue between algorithmic system based composition strategies and intuitive/improvised approaches. He has worked with ensembles such as the London Sinfonietta, The Concorde Ensemble, The National Chamber Choir of Ireland and the Con Tempo String Quartet amongst others. His composed works have been performed and broadcast internationally along side his multichannel electronic and installation works which have been...

ROBOEXOTICA: seit 2000 Mitwirkung bei der Organisation und beim Roboterbau aktiv

In her art projects, Robertina Šebjanič explores and works with various media such as video and spatial/ambiental installations and more broadly conceived cross-media projects. She had previously been featured as an independent author as well as in collaboration at many exhibitions and festivals in Slovenia and abroad. She is currently finishing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) and Famul Stuart – Applied Arts School, both in Ljubljana. In the academic year 2005/2006...

Robertina Šebjanič (1975) is an artist and cultural facilitator. In her art practice she is interested in humanist and natural science in the context of Bio-Art, AV performances and installation's. Her ideas and concepts are often realized in collaboration with other authors, and thus through interdisciplinary and informal integration embodies in her work.

Born in 1978 in Warsaw. In 2005, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Multimedia workroom, and received his masters degree. In 2007, he started working as an assistant professor of the Multimedia workroom at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 2007 he set up Upgrade!Warsaw. In the same year he participated at the Centre for Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, CONCRETE LEGACY FROM CORBUSIER TO THE HOMEBOYS with Invigilate and Looking out of the Window, at...

Roelof Roscam Abbing (1990, NL) is an artist, researcher and script kiddie who’s collaborative practice often deals with issues surrounding the politics and social effects of both established and emerging media technologies.

Roger 10-4 (Berlin, D / Rotterdam, NL)

Roger 10-4 is Sabrina Basten and Audrey Samson, two artists working in different artistic fields. Sabrina is mainly working on spatial installations which deal with the behavior of specific materials. Audrey is interested in the stories of objects and how they can be told. Together they think of how material can tell a story and how it can interact with its surroundings.
Sabrina and Audrey get their inspiration from inner parts of discarded...

Roland Alton-Scheidl gründete 1995 das PUBLIC VOICE Lab, ist im Vorstand der
Genossenschaft osAlliance.com, lehrt und forscht an der Fachhochschule
Vorarlberg, engagiert sich für Creative Commons Austria, konzipierte die net
culture labs in Dornbirn und Wien und ist derzeit stellvertretender
Vorsitzender in der creativwirtschaft austria.

Musician born in Ruzomberok, living in Bratislava. He is drummer and bass guitar player coming from band švepes. Now he play in various bands and projects including Sado-Baso, Ham&Drinks, Hallogenerator or Trucki.

Ronen Kadushin is an Israeli designer and design educator living in Berlin since 2005. He taught furniture design and design creativity courses at leading Israeli and European design academies since 1993. In 2004 Kadushin developed the Open Design concept, where the...

Combining his backgrounds in filmmaking and programming the last works of Ruben van de Ven (NL) revolve around software that derives emotional parameters from facial expressions. He examines this intersection of highly cognitive practices and ambiguous experiences and interrogates the discursive apparatus that is being erected. Currently he is finalising his master of Media Design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam on this topic.

Sabina Hyoju Ahn(b.1984) is a media artist, works with sound, visual and coding. She has been working professionally with art and technology for the last six years in New York, Seoul, London and The Hague. Sabina has graduated from MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University in London, and recently, she has moved to the Hague, Netherlands to continue her research in ArtScience at Royal Conservatoire. Her recent research involves in finding hidden rules and patterns in natural elements...

SASCHA NEUDECK lives and works in Vienna and Styria.
"After spending many years behind the laptop, my desire to make sound without computer grew increasingly. Actually I play live without laptop, solely with my selfsoldered devices, a delay, a reverb going to a little mixer. The haptic enjoyment of working this way, and the spectacular look of my set, does more than compensate the lack of the endless possibilities with computers.
Several months ago I decided to share my knowhow...

Working in Film/Video Postproduction and as Graphics- & Webdesigner. Doing more and more software development now using a completely free work environment since I switched to Linux.

Selena Savić is an architect, artist and researcher, interested in the way technology mediates the space we inhabit. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 2006. She continued her studies in Media Design, graduating from the Networked Media department at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2010. Since September 2011 she is a doctoral candidate at the Federal Technical Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) and the Instituto...

music, sound, communication art, tinkering (media, software, electronic devices…) Seppo Gründler, 1956, lives in Graz, main instruments guitar and electronics. He is head of master studies media and interaction design – FH Joanneum and teaching audiodesign at FH JOANNEUM – information design http://informations-design.fh-joanneum.at/ visiting professor at Donauuniversität-Krems (...

Servando Barreiro, born in Santiago de compostela in 1979, has been pressenting works in Madrid, Berlin, Galicia, Paris, Rome, Montevideo, Trondheim. Bergen, Oslo among other locations. Sometimes in form of an interactive installation and sometimes as an audiovisual performance or a workshop about free technologies and open source. the last project I'm working on is http://minitronics.net dedicated to the exploration of the...

Servando Barreiro, born in Santiago de compostela in 1979, has been pressenting works in Madrid, Berlin, Galicia, Paris, Rome, Montevideo, Trondheim. Bergen, Oslo among other locations. Sometimes in form of an interactive installation and sometimes as an audiovisual performance or ab workshop about free technologies and open source. the last project I'm working on is minitronics.net dedicated to the exploration of the physical computing with low cost sensors and open hardware/software.

Shu Lea Cheang (born 1954, Taiwan) is a multimedia artist who works in the fields of net-based installation, social interface and film production.

Over the past decade, she has emerged as a prominent figure in new media art. Cheang is one of the leading multimedia artists dealing with multidisciplinary studies. Her work is unique in allowing viewer interaction. She is most noted for her individual approach in the realm of art and technology, creatively intermingling social issues with...

Simon Christoph Krenn was born in Feldkirch (AT) in 1986. He studied Biology and Architecture at the University of Innsbruck and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor's degree programme 'Timebased and Interactive Media' at the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz. Working at the intersection of experimental sound, video and hybrid media, he explores the barriers between digital representation and natural phenomena in conceptual installations. His work focuses on the metabolic-...

Us(c)hi Reiter

studierte visuelle Mediengestaltung an der Kunstuniversität Linz. Als Künstlerin arbeitet sie an konzeptionellen, wie performativen Setups mit unterschiedlichen Medien und kollaboriert mit verschiedenen Gruppen und KünstlerInnen seit 1998.
2007 mitorganisierte sie den ersten internationalen Eclectic Tech Carnival in Linz.
Als Organisatorin arbeitet sie im Bereich Medien- und Netzkultur und leitet seit 2005 die...

Lives and works in Linz / Austria.
Stefan Tiefengrabers art works go from performances to interactive installations to time based media like experimental video and documentaries. This works have been exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival 2014 (Linz/Austria), O'NewWall Gallery (Seoul/Korea), TodaysArt 2014 (Den Haag/Netherlands), 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 (Wroclaw/Poland), Piksel Festival 2015 (Bergen/Norway), …

Stephan Pötschner hat elektronische Daten- und Informationsdienste am FH Technikum Wien studiert und 2006 seinen Abschluss gemacht. Seither ist er verstärkt im Bereich Client Entwicklung - vor allem im Webbereich - tätig. Seit letztem Jahr ist er für das Linzer Unternehmen Netural Communication GmbH tätig.

graphic and media designer, born 1983, graphic design degree from Valence (France), MA student of Media Design at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Design and research projects include Issue Magazine, an annotated online platform for critical texts on graphic design , and a critical design investigation of intellectual property as obstruction of cultural accessibility.

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Tatiana Bazzichelli is artistic director of the Disruption Network Lab, an ongoing platform of conference events on art, hacktivism and disruption at Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin (www.disruptionlab.org). Former programme curator at transmediale festival in Berlin from 2011 to 2014, she initiated and developed the year-round ‘reSource transmedial culture’ project. She was post-doctoral researcher at the...

Luka Frelih (1974) is an artist working with computers and networks, a computer programmer, free software hacker and web designer. He's been a core member of Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab since its founding in 1994. He was in many collaborations connecting technology and art. Member of Makrolab, ASCII Art Ensemble and pioneering net.art community projects: 7-11, Refresh, Remote-C. Programmed the instant ascii camera, a net art generator and more than one web map...

Thomas was part of a FFII crew, that worked behind curtains to gather information about the backgrounds on the political rush on software patents. Soon they found themself in an investigation about the “who” “what” and “why” of a hidden agenda. He is now known for amusing criticism of that “intellectual property heals every mental illness” movement, because he knows far to much to take it for serious.

Us(c)hi Reiter studied graphic and design at the Kunstuniverstät Linz. As artist and web developer with a special interesst in net.activism and audio-visual communication she has been collaborating with different groups and artists since 1998.

She continues to research Free/Libre/Open Source Software in the frame of cultural production and art as well as work on conceptual and performative setups using electronic and analog media.

Since June 2005 Reiter runs the non-profit...

Valie Djordjevic lives and works in Berlin.

She studied Comparative Literature, Slavic Languages and Film Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin and finished her BA (Hons) Humanities with English Language at the Open University, Milton Keynes (UK).

1996 she started to work with Internationale Stadt Berlin, one of the first net culture projects in Germany. Since then she worked in different art and cultural projects including Old Boys Network and the Media Arts Lab at...

Valie Djordjevic lives and works in Berlin. She is an editor at iRights.info, a website about copyright in the digital age, and a writer and lecturer on digital culture, copyright and art. She studied literature, languages and film studies in Germany and the UK. She is an active participant in various net culture and net art initiatives and projects since the 1990s.

Local hacktivists of different groups share their knowlege during LiWoLi 2012

Three active groups from the region present themselves and their activities:
* VALUG (Voralpen Linux User Group)
* LUGL (Linux User Group Linz)
* Funkfeuer (a group building mesh networks)

Veronika Krenn is an interaction designer from Austria with a wide range of interest in interaction design and physical computing. Worked mostly as Interaction Designer with qualifications in Interface, Graphic, Motion and Orientation System Design. She was studying Information Design with focus on Media and Interaction Design and moved to Linz to study in the Interface Cultures master program.

Vesela Mihaylova is a media artist and designer currently based in Linz, Austria. She holds a MA degree from Interface Cultures at the University of Art and Design in Linz. She has often collaborated with artists of diverse nationalities and her work has been exhibited internationally. Several of her more recent works have an emphasis on food as a medium.

Victor Diaz (ES) is a researcher, artist and educator whose focus is on creating new ways of interactions between computers and people. He is interested in developing novel ways of collaborative interactions in public spaces considering key aspects of time and space within a cultural context. He also creates tools that help to increase the usability of creative technologies.

Between the experimentation and materialization of concepts as physical objects reacting to its native environment, Mazon´s work explores relations and antagonism through unstable arrangements.
Víctor Mazón. 1982 Spain. Graduate degree from the University of Basque Country in Lithography and Engraving, 2008. Has been involved since 1999 into experimental tactics and techniques of media agitation/intercession trough performances and seminars in museums, universities, cultural buildings...

Vincenzo Estremo is an art historian researcher writer and curator. He is currently international Ph.D. Candidate at Udine University and Kunstuniversität Linz. He has lectured in Universities and cultural centres in Italy, Turkey, Austria Switzerland and Ireland.

'Waiwai is a formally trained artist, self-taught programmer and a witch in training.
Her latest project including constructing a studio in the forest where she inhabits and experiments with various practice, such as computing, herbal medicine and alchemy. She also has ran various alternative computing workshop in Europe. She also host and invent regular rituals and ceremonies combining primitive and modern technology.

Wanda (Maja Delak) is a choreographer and a dancer. In her author’s opus, she has traversed numerous worlds, which – despite the different themes and approaches to work – whirl into an anchorage of the author's dance poetics, with which she is making a clearer and clearer definition of the methodologies of contemporary art and dance. In 2010 she won the Prešeren Fund Award, the highest recognition for achievements in the field of art in the Republic of Slovenia.

Nova deViator (Luka...

I live in Pettenbach in the heart of Austria. Currently, I finished my Bachelor grade in Hardware/Software Systems Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria. Starting with October 2007 I begin with my Master studies in Embedded Systems Design.

I am an open source advocate and Ubuntu user. As far as it is possible to get my everyday work done with it, I exclusively use open source software.

Wolfgang Spahn is a visual artist based in Berlin. His work includes interactive installations, videos, sound, projections, and miniature-slide-paintings. He studied mathematics and sociology in Regensburg and Berlin. He currently teaches at the BBK-Berlin, Medienwerkstatt and is associated lecturer at the University of Paderborn department of art and at the University of Oldenburg department of art and visual culture .

Yoana Buzova is an interdisciplinary artist fascinated by public space and short-lived, neglected moments and objects. In her works, she employs tangibility, low-tech, diy methods and found objects/moments. Yoana has a BA in Photography at The National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria and currently studies
under the master programme of Media Design & Communication Department at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

Yves Degoyon (es/fr) is a musician/performer and a free software developer/dealer .

He developped since 2001 some tools for audio and video processing within the frame of Pure Data and some tools for escaping from the software mainstream, promoting self-mediation and inventive ways of communicating and organizing.

he's practising copyleft philosophy under the name of d.R.e.G.S : http://ydegoyon.free.fr