Open Frameworks

This workshop will provide an introduction to the general philosophy and history of the Open Frameworks C++ programming environment which has been designed similar to the popular Processing environment for the simplified creation of interactive installations and artworks. OF is an open source project led by Zach Lieberman, Theo Watson and Arturo Castro and is also driven by a growing community of artists and designers who are regularly contributing the usable results of their own works back into the general framework. Participants will receive a brief introduction to the framework programming and its particular design based on a conglomerate of useful C++ libraries. After developing some basic examples, we will also provide some insight into more advanced projects that have been realized using OF and discuss some of the used techniques.

Prerequisites: Basic experience in a related programming environment (Processing, AS3 …) Ideally bring your own laptop with a working IDE for your platform (Codeblocks, Xcode …) and the full OF package installed. We will alternatively provide several Linux machines pre-installed with the necessary software.