Radical Positioning of the Subject in the Era of “Society of Control”

Digital, new media technologies (both of insurgency and of control) brought the crucial shifts and changes in architecture of the reality we inhabit. These shifts are directly connected to the questions of the subject and processes of subjectification. In this performative lecture we will make a thorough examination of what these process mean for artistic and cultural practices, as well as and, even more so, for the present conditions of life and labour.
Today the processes of neoliberalism, fascism and racism are the realities of Europe, as well as the reflection of global power relations. The division to citizens, non-citizants and refugees (as the lowest category of non-citizants) has sharpened the processes of fascism and racializaion to their extremes and are spilling on the both sides of the borders of the fortress Europe. In this light the intention of this lecture is to examine the possibilities for radical subjecitivites and to critically examine what radical openness can mean in such conditions?
The consequences of neoliberalism that is embedded in, and entwine with the “society of control” (Deleuze) , are the labour conditions of permanent precariousness, with majority of subjects that exist in the limbo of a grey zone of being constantly “in and out of work” and in this way being pushed into the perpetual system of (self)exploitation, expropriation, racialization and marginalisation. In this regard we stand on the position of the “proletariat of feminism”, “bastard feminists”, Cyber-feminism, trans and inclusive feminisms in order to look at the processes of dehumanisation that precede the mechanisms of a subjugation of the other.

Marina Grzinic and Aneta Stojnic will give a lecture together in a performative dialog format.

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