The students were asked to develop a documentation format for AMRO or some aspects of its programme. After gathering individual ideas for documenting specific workshops or panels, a creative group process was launched.

Taking this year's title "Unmapping Infrastructures" the students will first try to map the festival by using several analogue techniques, which should converge on a wall at the festival on site. Graphical recordings, colour and movement studies taken at selected events as well as written notes or social media-style analogue postings might be seen not only as a documentary work in progress. Further, the first growing AMROGRAPH will provide a basis to discuss the festival on a meta level – either during the festival or afterwards when it's transformed into a digital version.

The project aims for interactive moments within the festival community - immediate, subjective, spontaneous, unedited contributions - and prefers analogue over digital not only for pragmatical reasons.


Deutsche Beschreibung

Die Student_innen der Abteilung Bildnerische Erziehung an der Kunstuniversität versuchen mit analogen Techniken den Prozess und die Inhalte des Festivals abzubilden. Der erste wachsende AMROGRAPH wird die Basis bilden, um das Festival auf einer Metaebene zu diskutieren - entweder während des Festivals oder danach, wenn es in eine digitale Version umgewandelt wird.

Erste Übersetzung, weiter bearbeitet von ur.