Computational Cultural Publishing: Climate Emergency Sprint / Pt. 2

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You're invited to ask questions about what the open scientific literature knows about climate change using Open Climate Knowledge (OCKProject) data mining software.

The workshop holder Simon Workthington will explain the research context of the workshop in a lightning talk on Thursday, 21. May at 12:10.

This workshop is structured in two sessions:
- the first meeting (21. May from 16:00 to 17:30) focuses on retrieving data and researchers on open science projects through data mining software.
- the second meeting (23. May from 16:00 to 17:30) is dedicated to collecting the data retrieved by participants into a collaborative preprint.


Workshop structure:

The sprint will involve documenting the questions and responses using Jupyter Books. We use OCKProject data mining software to turn your questions into dictionaries, which can in turn then be used to search the world's open literature.

  1. We can create responses, visualisations on the questions, and
  2. Comment and make demands for better access to the scientific community

'Cultural computational publishing’ and ‘sprints or book sprints'?

  1. ‘Cultural Computational Publishing' is a mixture of Jupyter Book, like The Turing Way which include live code and a reproducible computing environment as in the Research Compendium.
  2. The sprint is an arbitrary time constraint to get people together to author on a topic. It is important to acknowledge that many expert parts of publishing are left out of book sprints — often the feminized labor (less valued) parts of doing the behind the scenes finishing.

We’ll also publish a Wikiversity collaborative preprint.

OCKProject is an open research project hosted by TIB and organised as a working group of FORCE11. There is an open invitation to joing the working group.

Questions DM @mrchristian | Chat on Matix #OCKProject

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