Infrastructure, sustainability, technology, crisis: making visible the invisible

In the last months we all experienced dramatic changes in our lives. Data extraction has become a topic for a broader constituency, as significant spheres of our interaction moved online via video conferencing, shopping, etc.  Talking about the pandemic and how it affected society, people feel generally that "nothing will be the same, anymore".

This workshop is largely a discussion format where we will explore the broader re-shaping of the so called "extractivist society", which started before the pandemic and took advantage of it; the material infrastructure supporting its broader pattern of change; the social, environmental and climate implications of the re-configuration of the global economy.


Workshop structure:

The first part of the workshop aims to stimulate interaction and critical thinking starting from some case studies, to explore the open questions around the sustainability of the expansion of large scale infrastructure globally, and how it relates with different systemic patterns of exploitation, the re-shaping of production and logistics globally, the imaginary around "smart cities" and technology, and more.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicate to a brainstorming on ideas for possible graphic/artistic projects that could explore critically the many issues behind infrastructure reshaping of the world, making visible the invisible.


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Elena Gerebizza; Filippo Taglieri

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