Hannes Weingartner

Born in 1979. Degree in Computer Sciences and New Media at the Technical University Vienna. Study scholarship at the Kiev Polytechnical Institute (Ukraine) and Helsinki University of Technology (Finland). Diploma thesis on “A mobile Blogging Solution – Aggregation and Management of location-based Content in the Java Application Domain” at the Interactive Media Systems- and E-Commerce Group. Currently working in Vienna in the field of software engineering based on mobile- and web applications with a focus on projects for Mobilkom Austria AG. Supportive worker in the Austrian Motion Picture Industry (2003-2006). Resident visual artist at „Klub Affenkraft“ (Vienna, Zurich, Hildesheim). Films: „Einer und die Zeit“ (2002), „Freiraum“ (2004), „Ludowika“ (2004) and „Das Land der zwei Sonnen“ (2005).

Amro Contributions

Year Title Format
2010 Artist Presentations Lecture
2010 METANET Presentation
2010 Artist & Developers Presentations Lecture, Presentation