Date :
Time: 15:30 - 15:50
Location: Foyer

"Self-defenceIT" is a transnational interdisciplinary action research project by and for migrant women to promote action-oriented media education. Together with migrant women - as experts of their everyday life experience - possibilities are explored, tested and evaluated for actively supporting their children (8+), in order to reduce the "digital divide" between generations. With the help of competent media mentoring for children and young people with a migrant background, literacy empowerment strategies are developed in the fight against forms of violence like racism and sexism. "Self-defenceIT" is intended to reduce the social exclusion of young migrants and their parents (especially women) due to racism and violence and to improve their opportunities for social participation.

Group Name:
MAIZ - Autonomes Zentrum von und für Migrantinnen
Autonomous organization of and for migrant women, founded 1994, with the aim of improving living and working conditions of migrant women in Austria, promoting political and cultural participation, and changing existing injustice in society.