noTours exhibition - Narratives of Silence -

AMRO Showcase
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Location: Worklab 1
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For Liwoli 2011 Enrique Tomás has composed a geolocalized soundwalk for the surroundings of the Kunst Uni Linz. "Narratives of Silence" talks about the
apparent quietness of the streets of Linz and about the emotion of
remembering the past and its sounds.

The format of the work is a soundwalk using the FLOSS software noTours for
Android. If you want to enjoy the soundwalk please ask at the Liwoli Info
Point for one of the available devices.
On the 14th of May the artist will present his work accompanied with a

download source code url:

License(s) of work: GNU GPL

Software &/or Hardware: Android

Operating System:Android